Excel application scope - prompt in excel



I have written a workflow to read content of an excel file, when the file is opened by UIPath, the excel application is raising a prompt (refer the screenshot) “The workbook contains links to other data sources…etc etc” and unless you click on Update or Dont update, the workflow doesn’t continue.

The autosave & visible flags are unchecked, but still I get this prompt, due to which it can’t be unattended. What is the reason & solution ?



@skini76, Use Element Exists to check if that prompt exists. Then click on update/ dont update as you wish. If doesn’t exists proceed with your flow.

Dominic :slight_smile:


Thanks, but the prompt is displayed outside the browser window…so the suggested solution doesn’t work. More than that, why this prompt is appearing & what should be done so that it doesn’t appear. it is not feasible to put the check for this prompt, where 100’s of excel files are opened & closed.


Hello there,
I don’t think that’s matter as Dominic mentioned making use of element/image exist should fix this.

This appears as excel is connected to other data source where the pull operation takes place in background which reflect the data in excel.
In case you don’t want this message to popup ! Here is the way to do this.


Problem is solved after changing the settings in excel, thanks