Excel application scope for read only excel

Hi, I have an excel which is password protected. Supplying the password on Excel Application Scope helps opens the password but upon opening I will receive this pop up.
Even if I place a “Click” activity in Excel Application scope to click yes, it stopped before getting to the step.


Can you put a delay before “click yes” and also use “image exists” to check whether the popup has appeared or not…

It is not a matter of the pop up appearing too late.
I’ve placed a log message between Excel Application Scope and Click activity, robot did not even write the log message. It was already stuck at Excel Application Scope.

Use parallel activity.

  • In 1st Parallel sequence, give Excel application scope.

  • In 2nd Parallel, give click on pop up

@inyourgravity Try to read excel using WorkBook Read Range activity. Check this option once.

Doesn’t work, it didn’t write either of the lines and is stuck where the pop up appears

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The file is password protected, workbook read range couldn’t supply the password

Managed to get it to work by using a Start Process in 1st Parallel instead, also have to indicate ContinueOnError as true, otherwise it will throw an exception after completing the 2nd parallel sequence.

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@inyourgravity Workbook read range has password option check it once.


Omg, I don’t know why I didn’t see it just now. I tried it , works as well.

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