Excel application scope


The goal
My goal is to update an excel sheet from an external datasource which is already defined and working in the sheet.

The manual workflow is the following:

  • Open the file in excel
  • Accept that it uses an external datasource by clicking “enable” in the top bar warning
  • Click “update all fields”

The issue
I’m able to perform this using Open application with excel and the file as parameter and with the rest of the flow recorded.

My issue is if i open the file using the Excel application scope, the prompt for using external datasource doesn’t seem to appear and clicking the “update all fields” seems to be disabled or at least not responding to clicks while excel is opened this way.

I dont mind using Open application instead but is the excel application scope not meant for these sorts of actions or am i just doing something wrong ?

Can you not set enable external datasource as a persistent option? Alternatively could you build in some VBA to handle this?

You should be able to get it working with click text etc within Excel but the above are easier options IMO.


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