Excel Application Scope is not creating a new file

Hey everyone,

Currently I am facing the following problem: the robot should download reports in XLS format within JIRA and in some cases add more lines to them. The exported JIRA reports are in XLS format, but they are actually htm files that can be opened in Excel as a table.

UiPath has no problem reading the data within the report. However, when trying to add more rows to the report and save the result using the “Write Range” activity, the robot creates an empty Excel file and a folder with multiple files like CSS and HTM (similar to a saved HTML page).

For this reason, I tried to read the file first and save it as an data table, then adjust it and delete the file. As soon as the file is deleted, a new Excel file should be created with the same name (this is absolutely necessary for the rest of the process) by using the data table. However, UiPath does not create a file. A file is only created if the name differs from the original file name. Does anyone know why?

Best regards