How do I create and save a new excel file based on the table extracted from a webpage?

Is it possible to create and save a new excel file with the data table that’s extracted from a website?

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use following activities:

  • Excel application scope
  • write range
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Yes. Use write range activity.

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Thank you so much for your reply.

I have successfully Extract Table Data. But where is the data stored?

Also, using the Excel Application Scope, it can create a new excel file with the set file name.

I would like to paste the table it extracted on the new excel file, and change the sheet name.

Could you give me some advice again?

U can use write range activity @PeruT

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For A and B in the screen capture, what should I type?

C creates the new excel file for the extracted data to be pasted.

Thank you so much for your instant reply, I appreciate it very much.
P.S. I am a beginner of UIPath and have no knowledge about programming language.

Hi @PeruT

I recommend u to go through the video by @AndersJensen

This video will helps you to learn the basics of datascraping well so that u can do it properly


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I will watch it now!!

Thank you so much Nived.

For the workbook path, I would like to select the file I created in A.
The file name of A is
“File location”+""+“RPQ_Expiry_Status_”+DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyyMMdd”)+".xls"

What should the workbook path be if I always want it to use the excel file that has just been created in step A?

Hi @PeruT

There is no need of excel application scope here

Because workbook write range will create the file if it is not existed According to path specified in workbook path.

I recommend u get the basics of these excel activity from Uipath academy so that u had a good understanding of these well

I see, thanks!