Check for new Excel files and copy some of the values to new file

Hello everyone,

I started learning UiPath a few weeks back and I’m trying to work out a rather complex task for me and I wanted to ask for your help.
I need a robot that triggers when a Excel file is created in a folder and creates a new file that contains some values from the original one. For example, I need to copy only the rows in which the name John is in the first column and sum all these values into one row.

My flow:

  1. I created Trigger scope with File Change Trigger (with path and filename “*.xlsx”)
  2. For activity I wanna add Excel application Scope but Im not sure how to write Workbook path if I dont know name? For my understanding I need to declare path into variable and put it there but dont know how :confused:
  3. Then I would use Read Range, new Excel Application Scope, Write Range and Save Workbook

To be honest, I am little bit lost, could you please help me little bit with the workflow?
Thanks a million guys.

Hi @fabiatik ,

We should be able to get the File Created/Placed into the folder using the args variable present within the Trigger Scope, we can then Assign that Path to a variable.


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