Excel file is empty when downloaded with UiPath


I am building a robot that downloads a .xlsx file and reads it.
When I run it, I get an error saying that the sheet doesn’t exist.
Apparently, the robot downloads the file but it is empty.
When I download the same file manually, all the information is there.
Anyone encountered something similar or have any ideas?

Hi @padamus7,
Check the sheet name exists or not .And Range…



@balupad14 Thanks for the reply.
That’s not the problem. The problem is that the file the robot downloads is totally empty. Just a blank Excel file.

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@padamus7 What is the source to download the file and can you please share the .xaml file

@Madhavi you already solved this issue with the previous post. The reason why it downloaded an empty file, is because I didn’t add .xlsx at the end of the path file, so instead of opening that file, it created a new one with the same name and overwrote the downloaded one.
Thanks a lot for your help

Hello everyone,

I also encounter the same issue, but my problem is not solved. I Read the range of the excel path within the Excel Application scope and the path is fully provided with the .xlsx extension. Every time I ran the UiPath, the file is downloaded as empty. If I manually download it, then the file has full content. I also noted that the selector for my “Save” option (when downloading the excel file from the website and press the “Save” button to save it to my laptop) seems to need validation every time my robot runs. Could you please help?

Thank you very much in advance

Yes I am also facing the same issue.Did the issue has been solved? Please help me to solve the issue.

Remove this option and you will understand your problem: