Excel Application Scope Error-Excel Application Scope: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A01A8

Hi all,i have an issue when i try to build a sequence with Excel Application Scope.The following error appeared when execute this project.

If anyone know about this issue, pls let me know.
Thanks in advance.

Make sure the file is not in edit mode (the mouse cursor is not in the cell)

Sorry,i don’t get it.What do you mean with the mouse cursor is not in the cell?


if your file is open and prepare to type into cell. Uipath will return a error.

You must close that file before running.


When using Excel application scope, make sure the activation alert shouldn’t pop-up. If it exists, as per your code, Bot will

  1. Open the Test.xlsx file
    2.And while trying to write cell, you’ll get the error.

Senthil V.

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The file is not opened but i received the same error.

There is no any activation alert when i used excel application scope.

@Citra_Devi Do you have any other excel scopes in the same workflow?

If yes, please add kill process (with excel) and add few seconds (3 to 5 sec) delay in between.

If you have nested excel scope, suggest you to add only delay around 5 secs.

It will solve the issue. We had faced similar kind of issues earlier.

No.There is only one Excel Application Scope activity in the workflow.

@Citra_Devi i think rather than writing LastTime.ToString, you may just simply pass the variable LastTime without adding .ToString to it.

The validation error appears after removed the .toString.

I think there is no problem with that value.It should contain .toString.

Have you recently updated Studio? When we received this error, I have found out that an add-in for UiPath StudioX was installed onto Excel and since add-ins weren’t supported by the organisation where I’ve worked, and there wasn’t an enable add-ins tick on the scope it always resulted in this error. If an administrator disables the add-in in Excel (File>Options>Add_ins), this should go back to normal! The other issue that sparingly occured was HRESULT: 0x80010114, probably for the same reason. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the response.

Hi all,
I solved this issue by updating the excel package.I downgraded back to previous version.After downgrade to previous version, it can be execute the project without any issue.So far, it works well.

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