Excel app. Scope exception: HRESULT 0x800A03EC

Hi all,

I receiving this error (below) and I can’t figure out what is wrong. Based on the google results, I could only find that in c# it means that there is something wrong with the excel version, but I’m using licensed Excel 2013 - file is xlsx.

Any ideas?

Main has thrown an exception

Source: Excel application scope

Message: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC

Exception Type: ExcelException


Hi Martin,

From my knowledge, this error usually occurs when a variable is not declared. Please share the version number of “UiPath.Excel.Activities” package and if possible your workflow. If not, at least specify what are the exact activities you are using in your workflow(screenshots would be helpful too).
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Also check if the excel file is opened/used somewhere else.



Hi ovi,

the issue was that Excel was running something in the background and I had to close the task (kill it) and then everything went to normal.

The root cause I believe was, that I have started the process, but the Excel was open so the process could not run and I got an exception. System kept this information, that the excel is still running, therefore it didnt allow me to use it anymore.


Hi Mchlebik,

When excel is busy doing something else (Like calculating or drawing something), it cannot receive any command send to it through Com Object. When you have open excel inside your excel application scope and used an activity on it, it would work just fine. But try to do that when excel is trying to calculate some formulas or doing something else like pulling something form the server. You will end up getting the same error.

My suggestion would be to use retry scope with 5 retries and 15 sec delay surrounding a simple read range activity. This way as soon as excel frees up, you next activity would run or else on the fifth time, the retry scope will simply fail it self.