Failed opening the Excel file

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I am getting the below mentioned error while reading a excel file using Excel Application Scope.

Excel Application Scope Read Input Excel : Failed opening the Excel file D:\Projects\Input.xlsx. Possible reasons: the file is corrupt, the file is already used by another process or you don’t have permissions to open the file.

I have killed the excel process before reading the excel with the current session. Even after that I am getting this error.

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Check the package version of excel activitiy @sarathi125 and reinstalled it again

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Can you share the xlsx file? If you have not sensitive data.


Hi, Make sure that you closed the excel file while you are running it and also check the path you mentioned is correct or not.

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You can use the Workbook activities as the excel file is .xlsx

For reference on Workbook activities check below

Hope this may helps you



I cannot share the file as it has sensitive data

Checked the version of excel activities package it is 20.8.6 version.


As a best practice we should use Excel Application Scope, not the Workbook activities, where it will not handle huge file in size.


Yes, I have coded that, but have to check that in PROD environment.

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If you have a huge file then you can do excel as Database

May be the one reason to fail opening the excel file is of huge entries also

Check below post for Excel as Database

Hope this helps you



My customer is not ready to install the AccessDatabaseEngine.
So I am looking for someother work around.


  1. For checking if size is issue, kindly split the data to smaller portions
  2. For checking if that excel is corrupt, kindly copy the data to entirely new excel
  3. To check if folder is accessible check a blank excel in same folder and open it in the work flow.



I spent many hours on this… Now I know, that Excel application scope is not compatible with background job. Please, check if you have Starts in Background selected as No.

If you have xlsx filetype, then use System/File/Workbook/ activities, not App Integration/Excel/ activities if you wan to have background job.

Hopefully this helps.