Excel AddIn Error


When I try to install the Excel AddIn, nothing happens.
I’m using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016.


Hi @luqman123
Did you install UiPath.Excel.Activities in UiPath Studio

Ashwin S

What do you mean nothing happens? Is it not working to use excel features? Are you using it 32 bits version?

he is using StudioX not regular Studio.


I would have to ask the logs ( %localappdata%\UiPath\Logs ) and also the UiPathOfficeAddin.log located %localappdata%\Temp

This would be the starting point for our investigation on why the excel addin is not being installed.


When I click to install the excel AddIn, it does nothing.

Logs.zip (1.3 MB)

I’m unable to find the Excel AddIn Logs

hello, I have the same issue. what can i do to fix it?

while in studio in a project just press ctrl+L and you will get right to the location of the logs.
also all these problems with the addin are fixed in soon to be released 19.12 version