Excel - A table cannot overlap another table

Hi, i have a workflow which involves creating an Excel table. When I run the same workflow again, I get error “A table cannot overlap another table”. How do I create the condition to not create the table if it has already been created?


One idea would be to Try-Catch this particular exception, but maybe someone will come up with a more graceful solution.


The error you are encountering is a feature of excel itself. Why not include a deletion of the previous excel file then create a new one so you will not have problem every execution?

It should be Excel Overlapping issue mostly You have to delete the table structure and run it again

In excel select Design >Convert To Range Option , This will delete the table structure and keep the data as it is ,
If Design Option is Hidden try Select the data and bottom right you can see Options appears , select Tables>Tables Design Option will appear , … now Try Running the Bot again

Yes. If already exist it will not allow to create the table . But you check it whether the table exists or not using the below activity.