"A table can't overlap another table" error by using Fomat DataTable

Hi, I’m trying to select a range in excel and convert it into
DataTable by using Format Table using Modern activities.

Its throwing me an error “A table can’t overlap another table.”

Can anyone guide me please.

Hi @saritha ,

Format as table activity is used to create a table in the excel with the given range as input. In your case you already have table1 in your excel and you are using that table 1 range to create another table that is not possible that’s why it is throwing overlapping error.

Select new range of cells in excel then use this activity and convert that range to new table and later we can use this table for filtering and some other manipulation to directly on this new created table.

I hope it might helpful to your requirement. Thanks.

“Table” button will be disabled if you try to add cells in one table to another table as shown in the screenshot below. You are not allowed by Microsoft Excel to created overlapped Tables (not datatable).

Hi Kiran,

Thanks a lot for ur reply.
Don’t know where I created Table in Excel sheet.
Can u please tell me where I created Table in Excel Sheet.
I’m attaching the excel sheet here.

Appreciate ur help.

when I’m trying to enter some info in excel sheet ,by default its taking in table.

Hi @saritha ,

I think in that excel by default Excel table is there I guess. Could you try with read range activity to get the specified range into data table instead of format as table. Thanks.

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Just Go for a smaller range

Hi, Got to know, when I run first time its creating a table and after that when I run next time its trying to creating to a table from already created table. so its throwing error.

Thank you and appreciate ur help a alot.