Table can't overlap another table exception

hi experts, am here to clear one thing and i hope you guys are aid me :blush:
in my flow i had one table and i want to create a pivot table for that, for which i use below activities ,
1)create table 2)create pivot table 3)refresh pivot table
in the above activities i put the values to sheet name, table name, range and pivot table name
but when i run the flow it throws a table can’t overlap another table error.
how can i fix this error, could anyone please help me out to this…
thanks :blush:

When you create the table, make sure the cells where the pivot table is being created don’t overlap the original table.

yeah i gave the different cell ranges for both table and pivot table.

If you try to put the pivot table in a different sheet, does the problem persist?

no i didn’t try that. and i want pivot in the same sheet

Just wanted to be sure, because if it works to put it in another sheet, the pivot table might not be far enough away from the first dataset.

ohh ok , but if i want a pivot in the same sheet mean then what should i do.

Try offsetting the location of the Pivot table incredibly far from the dataset (like cell AAAA1 or something like that). That should be far enough away from the dataset to start with. After that, work it backward until the error desists.

ohh kk buddy i’ll try it.

hi @Anthony_Humphries
I tried, but it didn’t work ,the same error is exist till now.

What if you save the workbook, close it, and then reopen it to create the pivot table? It’s just a guess, but something might be finicky about how it determines where you can put the pivot table.

@Anthony_Humphries , hi buddy
i’re fix my problem by tabling my data and then i did that pivot activity. after that it works. thank you so much buddy for your words… :blush:

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