A table can't overlap another table

I’m doing a process that consists of loading multiple Excel files. He told me this error today. Does anyone know a solution?


This means in the range that you are trying to create or prite a table there exists already a table there…you have to either remove the table or choose another range


Hello @dvojinovic

In that particular sheet is there any other pivot table or other tables already available? If yes, that is causing this issue. I have observed this error, if we try to create a Table on a sheet with Pivot table. So overlapping of tables are not allowed.


I haven’t seen this error before. the table is created and the process is terminated. Do you have any idea how i can solve this?

In UiPath, you can use the Add Data Table activity to create a new DataTable and add it to your project. The Add Data Table activity allows you to specify the columns and rows of the table and the data that each cell should contain.

To prevent a table from overlapping another table, you can use the Merge method of the DataTable class to combine the data from multiple tables into a single table. The Merge method allows you to specify the table or tables that you want to merge with the current table and the columns that you want to include in the merged table.