Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop basic problem


@charliefik @noopur.dwivedi
I too had same problem. But after long 2 hours I found a way.
During recording the events Pause it after you click on font by pressing F3. Then from “Basic Recording” box select Text -> Mouse -> Double Click and select the font you need.

First Recording_Basic.xaml (13.7 KB)

Please check and let me know if it works for you too.


Hi @rothic,

Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t tried this for a while but I did upgrade to version 2018.3 and now it seems to work fine on single click even (before the contents of the Font Style text box wasn’t changing when you clicked on a different style so I’m assuming it was sorted out in the new release).

I think the ‘pause’ key is the F2 rather than the F3 (maybe it’s different for you, don’t know but yes that’s one of my favourites as it’s so handy when you need access to drop downs etc that disappear when you click on something else)

Good luck RPAing!


Thanks Rahul I believe I tried something like this later , but did not work that time.
I will give another shot.


Hi @charliefik,

I too upgraded to v 2018.3 and found the issue has been fixed in this release. Also thanks for correcting me regarding the pause key button.
Happy RPAing!



You can try upgrading the version. Also my name is not Rahul ::stuck_out_tongue: