How to change the font

I’m new to UiPath and I’ve started with the essential training tutorials in YouTube.

I’m stuck with something that seems quite simple, but I can not figure it out. In the Macro recording video tutorial ( there is an example on how to enter text in Notepad and change the font. I can not manage to change the font.

When I debug the flowchart, I can see how the font name is entered, but the font is not changing after the process presses ‘ok’. When I go to check the font, I don’t see that this has changed.

What is strange though, is that If I select also to change the font style to ‘bold’ that works okay.

Any ideas why the font change doesn’t work?


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thank you for inquiring, keep it up!

I see no problem on your procedure, perhaps you can share with us the xaml file produced by UiPath, (/documents/UiPath/) to pinpoint the problem.

in the meantime I have done a test and everything works fine working with the notepad.

Please notice the properties of the typeinto activity, and also note that I have used after typing the font i used " + “k[(enter)]” " instead of using the click activity to send the “ok” to the font form.

Please download this XAML file and open it with uipath.

Main.xaml (10.5 KB)


Thanks Beesheep. That was very useful workaround. Hope it helps other users.

I don’t seem to be able to upload files as it seems like I’m too new in the forum. See below the code I think I have the issue. I’ve shortened the code as in the original it includes the full list of font types

      <ui:SelectItem ContinueOnError="{x:Null}" DelayAfter="{x:Null}" DelayBefore="{x:Null}" DisplayName="Select item 'list  Font:'" sap2010:WorkflowViewState.IdRef="SelectItem_5" Item="Castellar">
          <scg:List x:TypeArguments="x:String" Capacity="256">
            <x:String>Other font types I've deleted to shorten the code here</x:String>
	<x:String>Other font types I've deleted to shorten the code here</x:String>

I previously said, the font style changes to bold, but the font type doesn’t. I tried also to comment out the last step (click ok button) and clicking the ok button myself, but the font didn’t change. It seems like the recording step to change the font is somehow not properly recognized or setup.