Event Viewer Logs Errors With Source "https://download.uipath.com" In An Air-Gapped Environment

Why repeated error "https://download.uipath.com" occurs in the event viewer for the air-gapped Orchestrator? Does this URL need to be whitelisted to alleviate these errors? Are there any additional URLs that need to be whitelisted as well?

Sometimes, in an air-gapped environment, several errors may be encountered in the Event Viewer that point to the URL "https://download.uipath.com".

These errors that mention "https://download.uipath.com" in the stack trace, are results of the new "Auto updating client components" feature.

With this function, Orchestrator will communicate regularly to obtain information on updatable versions such as Studio / Robot from our server (download.uipath.com).

If the above communication fails due to an environment where it not possible to connect to the Internet, an error will be recorded in the Event Viewer.

Resolution: Follow the below steps,

  • Log in to the Orchestrator "host" with the "admin" credentials
  • Navigate as follows and disable the same: "Settings --> General --> Client Binaries (Robot, Studio, Assistant, etc.) Auto-Update Settings --> Auto-fill available product versions". See below for reference,