Orchestrator Is Receiving " Error Synchronizing New Update Versions " When Auto Update Policy Enabled

Continuously error "Error synchronizing new update versions received from: https://download.uipath.com/contents.jsonSystem.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: No such host is known. (download.uipath.com:443) ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (11001): No such host is known." is thrown.

Root Cause: This kind of error occurs when there is an Auto Update policy enabled which is used to auto-update Studio or Robot components at any level on the Orchestrator.

Investigation Steps: Try to disable the policies by validating the below documentation and check if still receiving the errors.

Refer Auto Updating Client Components - Configuring Policies .

Due to the above function, Orchestrator will periodically communicate to obtain information about the updatable versions of Studio/Robot, etc. from the server (download.uipath.com).

An error will be recorded in the event log if the above communication fails due to an environment that cannot connect to the Internet.


Log in to the "host" tenant of Orchestrator as "admin" and disable the following settings,
  • Settings->General page: Auto-update settings for client binaries (Robot, Studio, Assistant, etc.) > Auto-fill available product versions.

Refer the Orchestrator - Configuring Tenant Settings Host Level .