Evaluation for UiPath Certification Exam Pending

Hello All.

I had uploaded the Practical exam solution file for UiPath Advanced Certification on Friday at 12:30 PM IST. It has been straight 3 days since I am waiting for the evaluation to complete. It is still showing that “You will be able to see the result of your evaluation here, once it is available”.

Does anyone know what can be the possible cause and when I will be able to see the result?


May be because of weekend it got delayed. I request you to wait till today and then check it.

Okay. Lest’s see what happens.

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I have the same ! I have made it 9:45 am amsterdam time ! 30augustus! ANd NOTHING JET !
I hope to hear something soon,
Good luck to us

HI! Why never stay info about :"dear student , weekends, Xmas ,… etc, you can get the problem with evaluating.
I found ONLY info about 1 hour evaluating time.
It is a bit frustrated for us ( students).

Do you want please to make an Updating post in case that you get any info ??? Thank you in advance.

I have got the answer from SUPPORT.
We are aware of this issue and our technical team is working to resolve this problem asap and we expect the problem to be settled during today.
We apologize for the inconvenience created!
Thank you again for your understanding and your patience!
may be today !


@Maryna_Shubna, thanks for this detailed reply. I am still waiting to see if I have passed or failed. I will update here when the evaluation is completed.

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Since the grading is automated, you may want to go ahead and reach out to customer support. It shouldn’t take that long to get your results.

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Ha ha I did it on friday ))) and still nothing is solved ( evaluation is not posted). But i have got answer from SUPPORT stuf at least.

HOI HOI !!! ( ITS DUTCH) i am certified !!! ANd i have birthday today !!! Could not be better !!!


Congrats Maryna!

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I have received the result of my test and I do not agree with the evaluation criteria, since the points indicated, in my view, have been contemplated in the resolution of the test.
I have opened an issue to SUPPORT but I don’t know what else I should do or if someone has the same thing happened.

Attached capture of test result.

I need to somehow reevaluate the exercise because as indicated, each point indicated has been contemplated in the resolution, and the criteria indicated have been the result of an error in the correction of the exercise.

Thanks in advance.

Congratulations @Maryna_Shubna and a very happy birthday to you. I have also received my result and now I am certified too.

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Had you use the “import workflow” option to reuse previously created workflows? I had used it in a previous practical exam to use workflows like Login, Logout, NavigateToWorkItems etc. and had received the same failure criteria. I suggest you to retry the test without using this option.

@Maryna_Shubna Congratulations on getting certified, welcome to the club :smiley:

We must be using Re-Frame work and use the invoke workflow to get it done :slight_smile:

Try using the activity they suggested as I see none of them were used by you :slight_smile:

In the resolution of the practical exam, as can be seen in the screenshots, I used the REFramework template; I used the Invoke Workflow File activity to call the different functionalities; I have used rules for business exceptions.
In short, I cannot understand that, fulfilling all the requirements of the exam, they indicate that I have not correctly completed each point required for the resolution.

In the screenshots you can see what I indicated above, I insist that I cannot understand the result obtained.
I do not know if it is because I changed the name of the template or if I sent the resolution and compressed the project and in another directory I attached the output file and all of it compressed.
In any case I do not understand what happened and I need to be told what I can do since I do not believe that my situation should force me to take the exam again.

It’s prolly because of the renamed workflow I’ll say :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to update it, rename it and upload it :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.
Where do I have to reload the workflow?
With a new trial intent and charge the same project rename it?
I have not been very clear about the resolution you propose.

You have all the activities, do the following create a new Re-Frame work and then paste the whole activity as per that :slight_smile:

I know the resolution is a bit of an issue, but this is how it could be resolved

Thank you very much for the reply.
I have re-discovered the workflow with see if this time there is luck