3 Days Spent But Did Not Get UiPath RPA Devloper Practical Exam Result

Hello Falks,

I Gave Exam before 3 days. But they did not give result.Infact, I sent mail to Uipath with minimum 10 to 12 time but they did not reply yet.

Uipath is not undestanding and did not take any action is unaceptable.

Once they are giving result than we should get idea what we can do in next.

Any other alternatives way for this issue.


UiPath Should be more active because they dont understanding other people time important


May be because of weekend you didn’t get any response from them.

@loginerror @Pablito @ovi

Could you please help him to resolve this issue.

Hi @malak

I think this answer from our Academy support should apply to your issue as well: