Evaluation for UiPath Certification Exam Pending

I do not give credit to what I see.

I have uploaded the zip file with the structure that I indicated in the image. I have verified that the file has been loaded before closing the test and I receive this result.


Honestly, I don’t know what I have to do.

The only reason for this was missing users now right ?

Did you pass it in assets or hard coded the credential ?

I did logging before uploading the file again with the resolution of the exam and once uploaded I closed the exam. A message came out that the test was closed successfully.
I insist that I do not give credit to the result obtained and it may not be that I have to spend another test again.

Worst of all, I have put several queries to SUPPORT and they don’t answer me.
I no longer know what I have to do.

The support desk will respond back with a resolution… Don’t worry :slight_smile:

Thank you.
Hopefully and find a satisfactory solution to close the certification

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Good luck to you :smiley:

This is the solution that SUPPORT offers me. Basically nothing. I have to do the practical test again and pray that the same thing will not happen again, being 3 the attempt


The truth is that I am a little tired of this situation.

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Its true, you have to reset the data, whenever you are attempting. And yes after you upload and submit your assignment do not rest the data.

Make sure before you upload it you must reset the data and run the final time and upload the file and submit it.

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Thank you.
I will do so in the next attempt

Today I made the third and last attempt and finally I got the certification


In order to help those who wish to take the practical exam and not die trying:

  1. Use the Robot Enterprise Framework template, opening it as a new project from UiPath Studio.
  2. Make your workflow based on the requirements of the exam.
  3. Before doing the final test, reset the test data of ACME_System1
  4. Perform the test.
  5. Create a folder / directory with the following content:
  • Directory with the project Workflow
  • Excel file, csv or any other test output file.
  1. Compress the folder / directory with ZIP extension with the previous content.
  2. Upload this ZIP file to the UiPath Certification platform

Good luck and encouragement that despite everything, it is finally achieved.


I have completed the practical test/exam but its not evaluated yet. Its like 7 hours already. How long does it take to get it review.

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Same here. I have been waiting about 15 hours. I sent a note to support after 2hrs but have never received any reply.

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@joshi.abhishek @Chris_Livesay

Thanks for reporting, we’ll have a look :slight_smile:

Thank you

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@loginerror I appreciate you looking into this. I am now Certified. Thanks again.

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I submitted my practical exam for review 2 hours ago, however the FAQ states it should take only 1 hour to get results. Just wondering if I need to send a ticket or just be patient. Thanks.

Thank you @eloy_leon_matas for these details. Here, you mentioned about creating folder, i wanted to know, where do test output file need to be created, inside Project root folder or outside Project folder?

I am also facing this issue, i have uploaded the required .zip file yesterday and still waiting for reply. i have created support ticket in Uipath support but no response.
@loginerror @joshi.abhishek @Chris_Livesay Could you please look into it. ?

Hi @Grv_Jobs

As long as you’ve filled the request via the Academy Support contact form, then our Academy team will come back to you with a reply and direct help :slight_smile:

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Thank you for help. :slight_smile:
i got reply from support team saying that to re-upload the solution, they are unable to evaluate my previous uploaded solution. I am done with it and waiting for response from them.