Error with save a csv file

Hi all, i am trying save the file csv after download from I use my variable call “reportFilePath” to save them, issue happen when i click automation button save, the name of the file difference with the name i assigned for avariable “reportFilePath”.
assign avariable:

But when i click manually, the name correct with the value of the avariable.
Can you help me plain this?, sorry if my English is so bad.

the name of file when use automation click:

the name of file when use manual click:

Hey @TanVuong

Are you using the type into activity here with simulate type or send window message enabled? If so… just try it without those two options and see how it goes

Thank u for help, i will try later, my computer is updating windows 10, i don’t know why it took more time ?.

windows 10 update usually takes some time unless you have a good performing machine… So let it be like that until the update is done…


I continue face the another error is attach browser not working, can you help me one more time to fix this error?. Here is my file project:
Main.xaml (51.3 KB)

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