Error_read CSV file

I am facing an error while running readcsv.xaml file can anyone check my workflow why I am getting this error.Please fix this if possible. In this, I am trying to download a CSV file and filtering the current date data and copying that into another CSV file and at last sending a mail by attaching this new CSV file.Sheet1.xlsx (15.1 KB)
Readcsv.xaml (53.0 KB)

@Asmit_Anand1 check the path of file. I think path is wrong.

I ran four times it was running file after that it started giving this error.

@Asmit_Anand1 Before read csv activity. print file name using writeline and check whether ur filename and path is correct or not.

Hey there, why dont you just use “Read CSV” function? There you can directly give your file path.


Thanks bro, I got the solution ,file was not downloading that’s why it was reading random files.