Error while Installing

Hello @swati_jatwa,

Can you open the setup log and copy the content here?
If you run with Run as Administrator, same issue?


yes wasea, getting same error. when i am trying to open, its not opened.

It will be good to have a look on te logs.
Here is something described regarding your issue.


Hi wasea,


Please try to remove:


butr these paths are not available in my system.
As in local , there is no UiPath folder there
so, unable to remove.

Hi @swati_jatwa

Well, I recommend to check the setup logs. Also, in Event viewer logs can be the error message and so.

A good idea is to check the UiPath software requirements:

If you provide the setup logs ( click on that button Open Setup Log), we might be able to identify the issue, but based only a screenshot with an error message it’s quite hard to guess.


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Hi @swati_jatwa

I have found some extra clues, see here:

As well as a bit earlier in that topic:

Hi everyone,

After reading all the comments here and on the other related topics and after I tried everything (and nothing worked until today), I tried these:

  • first, I uninstalled UiPath Studio

  • I used the ”search” function to find all UiPath related folders and files in *C:*

  • then, I deleted all the UiPath files that I have found *in C:* - and in the Recycle Bin

  • closed ALL internet browser pages (as I have tried to install again the UiPath Extension, I had opened at that time: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, FireFox…)

  • disabled the ESET antivirus (I don’t know if it was a threat for ESET as it was for McAfee, but just to be sure…)

  • after that, I only opened one internet page and reinstalled UiPath Studio (

  • in Studio, I went to ”Tools” and installed the extensions I needed

  • in the internet browser – I activated the extensions (in this order, not first in browser and after that in Studio) and:

  • checked ”Allow in incognito”
  • checked”Allow access to file URLs”
  • checked ”Enabled”

So, finaly, no error message!

I hope it works for you, as it worked for me :slight_smile:

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