Error while installing Insight

Hi Community

I tried to install Insight but I got the following Error:
Incorrect OS Version. Required windows Server 2016 or Windows server 2019, found Microsoft Windows 10 Entreprise.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards,

Hi Ayb,

Please review our documentation.


Hi Chris
I read the documentation.
It says Win Server 2016/2019 does it mean that we cant install it on Win10?
Because for the Orchestratir it is also the same but I could install it on Win10!

Thanks in advance
Best regards,

Yes, we require win 2016/2019 and have validations on the OS as part of our installer which you show in your screen shot.


Does it mean that I am not able to install it on Win 10?
If yes why did it work for Orchestrator?

Yes, that is what it means. Insights is installed on a separate server and has it’s own requirements which is detailed in our documentation.