Change the Insights URL 2021.10.0

Hi Uipath Team,

Is this steps same for Insights 2021.10.0 version?
Is the port number is compulsory for the Insights Url? i.e. https://localhost:9443 ??

Hi @arunkumar.subramani,
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Iā€™m not sure if I got your question right. Anyway, here is the instruction for the Insights installation. It contains all the details.

Thanks Pawel,

As I could see the port number will be mentioned for Insights Url if insights are installed in Orchestrator server!!!
As Orchestrator will be using port 443.

You should not be installing insights and orchestrator on the same machine. Hardware and Software Requirements

However, the default port of 543 is not mandatory and can be changed to an open port.

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