UIpath insights installation


My company got new licenses for UIpath insights,
But have no idea of how to install it and use the license.

Please help me


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hi @heena_shaikh
please refer the link below for the step by step installation


The installation instruction mentioned usage of UiPathInsightInstaller.exe.

Could you help with a question - how/where UiPathInsightInstaller.exe might be obtained?

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Hi @Evgenii_Pimenov, you’ll get the exe from UiPath once it’s been purchased. If you’re using the trial, it should be sent out with the trial email. If you signed up for the Enterprise trial and did not receive the insights installer as part of that please let us know


Thank you for your responce.
I’m going to try Insights via “Insider Preview Portal”, but I see following:

So, the Portal referenced to “general platform installer” (where I don’t see UiPathInsightsInstaller.exe).
What should I do in order to receive exactly UiPathInsightsInstaller.exe (for trial purposes)?

When you go to this page: https://www.uipath.com/start-trial you can select the one on the right (Enterprise server). This has the 60 day trial included. You will get the Uipath Platform download url in your mail including the Insights trial key and download file, after you subscrided for the trial

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We already have production UiPath license and we still need trial license to get “inside installer”?

Hi @vital_simikau, Insights is licensed separately from orchestrator. Even if you have an enterprise license for orchestrator you’ll still need to get the same for insights. It’s not automatically included

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you didn’t say you already had a production setup of Orchestrator;).So if you want Insights running along your production setup, it is what @Michelle_Yurovsky says. You need a separate Insights license for that. Also make sure to check the hard- and software requirements.

Hi Michelle,

I have opted for a Enterprise Trial version and I did not receive the insights license. Please let me know where to raise a ticket for the same.
Thanks in Advance

hey @suni.thomas, did you get the installer or nothing related to insights at all? the insights license is not a separate license actually, it is just added on top of the orchestrator license. if you use the orchestrator provided in the trial, it will automatically include the license for insights.

Hi Michelle,

I got the PlatformInstaller and It did have the tab about Insights. I have specified the prerequisites for insights installation. I can also see the insights DB created and the tables.

However I have installed this in the same machine as the Orchestrator. Looks like the same port is assigned to both Orchestrator and Insights. I have done this because we are right now in a POC stage and could not provision another server for insights.

Is there a way to alter the port at which Insights is getting assigned to ?

Will insights have a seperate URL to be accessed or Is it going to be through the Orchestrator Web form?


Suni Thomas

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Hi Suni, unfortunately we do not support installing Insights on the same machine as Orchestrator :frowning: There’s not much I can do to help you. If you want to trial it you’ll need to follow the documentation. but accessing insights will be done through orchestrator

Can i get an information for installing insights for the same machine as Orchestrator.
As i am getting failure of installation of insights despite i followed the each steps in documentation.
Appreciate if i am receiving a swift response on that.

Hi @Mohan_Raj. As mentioned above we do not support installing Insights on the same machine as orchestrator and I cannot provide you with any information to help you achieve this as it is not possible

Is there a way to alter the port at which Insights is getting assigned to?

I have installed the insights v 2019.10.5 however I am struggling to apply license for it.
In license tab of Orchestrator link it is showing activated license for Orchestrator.
I have trial license key for Insight but unable to install license.
Does anyone know how to apply insights license? I have enabled the insight for default tenant.

please check the Insights Installation part of this doc - https://docs.uipath.com/installation-and-upgrade/docs/insights-installation
under step 3 - website port

Hi @Ateek_Shaha, Insights is licensed at the host level. This means that the license is part of the Orchestrator license. Your Orchestrator license will need to have Insights enabled for this to be possible

Hi Michelle, does the restriction for Insight/Orchestrator same machine also apply to the SQL Database? Can the SQL Server deployed for Orchestrator also be used for the Insights SQL DB?