Config/Install Ui Insights

Hello, @Vikash_Kumar ; @fabio.r.mendes ; @Michelle_Yurovsky

Ui Installation

  1. Modifying an orchestrator install for Insights
  2. Insights Installation

UI Insight Configuration

  1. Windows Authentication configuration
  2. Tenant Setup
  3. Addressing log4j Vulnerability
  4. Updating Credentials
  5. Insights Admin Tool

Can anyone tell me how much time it will take to complete each one and what are the prerequisites for this.



Not sure as i only done it once, and it was months ago.

As you know Insights must be installed in a different machine from the one you’ve instaled orchestrator (if your orchestrator is on-prem)
As long as you have everything you need, the installation and configuration should be relatively easy.
Follow the official documentation and you should be fine:

Best regards and Good luck