Error while copying content to a stream (Add Queue Item)

Hello, I get the above error when I want to add something to the queue in Orchestrator.
This is my sequence.

I am currently using Studio version 2022.10.3 and these are the other versions.
Microsoft.Activities = 1.0.1
Microsoft.Activities.Extensions =
UiPath.Credentials.Activities >= 1.1.6479.13204
UiPath.Excel.Activities = 2.7.2
UiPath.Mail.Activities = 1.7.2
UiPath.System.Activities = 19.10.1
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities = 19.11.3
UiPath.WebAPI.Activities = 1.4.4

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?


what error specifically? From the image you can’t tell the nature of the error, I ask you to be more specific and provide more details about the error so we can give you support

Post a screenshot of ItemInformation.

These are the Item Information.

instead of column name give column index

These are the entries from the log file.

|Error|Add Queue Item: Error while copying content to a stream.|
|Error|Invoke DispatchQueueItems_AR workflow: Error while copying content to a stream.|
|Error|System exception.Error while copying content to a stream. at Source: Invoke DispatchQueueItems_AR workflow: Add Queue Item|

My problem has been solved. I updated all packages to a new version except for UiPath.Credentials.Activities. I left the old version there, as there were errors with the new one.

Thank you for your help.

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That isn’t a solution. Using column names works just fine.

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