Assignment 2 - Add Queue Item Error

Dear All,

I have made an attempt to prepare dispatcher workflow in a different fashion as mentioned in the walkthrough. I am just facing the issue in the last step.

Basically, I have done the following:
a) Initiate Process; System 1 Log in & Navigate to WI Page
b) Transaction Data: Same as in walkthrough
c) Process: ExtractDataTable (however, up to last page) and trying to upload all the data in Orchestrator together.

However, I am getting an error while adding queue item image

Attaching my process workflow for easy reference.Process.xaml (10.2 KB)

@mayur.upadhyay You might have created queue in orchestrator with unique reference option enabled. Either disable unique reference which is enabled in orchestrator or Provide some value in reference property in add queue item activity

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