Add Bulk queue item error

Hi all,
I use bulk queue item in uipath.basically m following steps:
Read range to read excel
Then bulk queue item to insert data to orchestrator(provide queue name,data table nd output variable) but facing below error.why m getting that any suggestions

Please share with us the datacolumn structure of the datatable used for the Add bulk. Ensure also a valid connection to the Orchetrator and that other settings e.g. Queuename etc are right configured

Hi @sayali_rokade

Also please check the Exception information for more details by clicking the :mag: or :pencil2: symbol for the Remote Exception in the Locals panel:

Sharing that here may help you get an answer quicker.

Change properties as “ProcessIndividually” of Bulk add Queue item activity

@sayali_rokade Can you please update UiPath.System.Activities and see how it goes

This is my flow

crosscheck the folderpath, if it is really needed. When connected with studio to the right folder
grafik it can lead to issues, when wrong used

It is same RAOG folder

when studio is set against this folder we leave it blank, had you tried?

Tried not working