Assignment 2 - Issue

I have completed all my code for the second assignment. The Dispatcher works perfect and gathers the queue. I tested my Performer along the way and was always working fine. However, I’ve gone to run it as a whole and I’m getting this error back now. Not sure what is wrong.

Hi @Sean_Ryan1 ,

Hope you are enjoying UiPath, the issue you are facing is related to dictionary element.
The key element you are using as arguments for that invoke workflow was not available in the dictionary.

Check if all the key’s are available in the dictionary.


I got this error sorted it was in relation to case sensitivity. However I am now getting this error:

Check the queue name for getTransactionItem activity

Sorry was on lunch, do you mean this ?

@Sean_Ryan1 run in debug mode, it will stop at the activity causing the exception. When it does pls check the dictionary key that you passed into that activity

This ?

can you expand this and post a screenshot here?

can you take screenshot of your properties of get transaction item


check your config file and see if theres a key called
OrchestratorQueueName ?
the error is saying this key doesnt exist

This is my config file

make sure theres no extra space in excel cell, and that you pass config to get transaction data

can you upload the entire project here (2.8 MB)
This is it here. I checked both other items suggested and they are fine

remove in_Config("OrchestratorQueueName").ToString from folder path

I removed the path and still getting this

did you create your queue in the correct workspace?
check which workspace you’re connected to in studio

e.g. im connected to…workspace , so in orchestrator under my workspace i create my queue

if im connected to shared workspace, i need to create my queue in shared workspace in orchestrator

Yes I’m in the correct workspace

set folder path to your workspace name…

check the correct workspace name in STUDIO

my queue was created in my workspacein orchestraor hence i set folder path = “’s workspace”