Error when opening studio automation

Hi, I am getting this error when opening a project that uses this package. When i press okay the flow does not show and the robot is blank. How do I get around this?

Are you working with UiPath Studio 2023.X and the workflow was done with another UiPath Studio Version?

The workflow is quite old so most likely yes, the machine is running 2023.6.0


Can you try upgrading the packages first, also check what versions were used in Json, and once you are opening it which versions is UiPath using it to resolve it.


Ive updated the packages and i get the same error


Can you check your settings in Manage Packages and show what feeds are added there?

Please see here

Can you add here:

See if it helps

Thanks, how do I add this?

Use + sign in your image in manage packages:


Then what do I need to import

Add this:

[ ]

and then try to import the same package which you were doing earlier.

The package I was using is not present in this, it is UiPath.screenOCR.activities which isnt now compatible with windows legacy

Oh i see, in my wondows version too i can only see these OCR packages:

I assume the package I need is just not supported anymore, thanks though

Might be possible, let me dig deep on this.

Thank you !

Please share your project.json if this is possible. Thanks

In general we would recommend to take over older projects in small upgrade steps (especially when done under Studio 2023.X) on the e.g. UiPath.System.Activites and ommit the alpha versions at the begin.

For a further investigation you can do:

  • clean up unneeded packages
  • trying to reflect the change from UiPath.ScreenOCR.Activities to UiPath.OCR.Activities

Take always Backups before