I am facing error when I am trying to update UiPath.Salesforce.Activities library


When I am facing this error(screen shot attached)

Any suggestion would be helpful
Thanks in Advance

Hi @hemasai.06

Try removing the package from project and add it newly


Yes @Gokul001 , I already tried that but it isn’t working

Then have you check on these threads may be you will get your solutions here too



Can you try downloading a lower version?

Which version of studio are you using?


Hi @Srini84 ,
I am using 2019 version of uipath studio


Check below for your reference

So you need 2020 version of Studio to install the Salesforce Activities from v1.5.1+

May be you can try below versions

Hope this may help you


So, just for my clarity I cannot use 1.5.2 version of uipath.salesforce.activity for 2019 version of stuido?

I can only have 1.2.0 version of uipath.salesforce.activity for 2019 versoin

Is my understanding correct


As per the below release notes, YES
for using v1.5.1+ you need to have the studio 2020.4+ version
Other combinations will fail

Release Notes (uipath.com)

Hope this may help for you


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