Error when changing the transactionItem to datarow type


I tried to follow the steps in the walkthrough of the assignment 1 in level 3. However, after I changed the TransactionItem to datarow, I still got error. I changed the in_TransactionItem and out_TransactionItem as well. How to solve this issue?


Check get Transaction and process Transaction states also. wherever you found TransactionItem then change datatype from QueueItem to DataRow.

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Please change in the invoked workflows first and then change in the main workflow.

Karthik Byggari

Hi Karthik,

Can you show me a sample file of this? I changed the type of the transactionItem to datarow, but when I open it again, it becomes queue again.

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Consider you have two xamls - say main.xaml , child.xaml

Open child.xaml, change the argument type and save the file.
Open main.xaml, in the invoke workflow activity of child.xaml, import arguments then you will see the correct argument type.

Karthik Byggari

I have the same issue if any one could help

once if you start changing it will show you the error
and you have to change everywhere in the workflow from queue item to DataRow