QueueItem won't change to DataRow in REF Process Transacation

I currently doing the assignment Calculate Client Security Hash for RPA Developer Advanced. I encountered a problem in REF. In Main > Process Transaction, whenever I tried to change TransactionItem type from QueueItem to DataRow, it always revert back to QueueItem. Any ways to solve this?


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You need to change the TransactionItem type from Queueitem to DataRow in below mentioned workflows.

  1. Main.xaml
  2. GetTransactionData.xaml
  3. Process.xaml
  4. SetTransactionData.xaml


you need to change the variable in all the workflows that its using for


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As @lakshman 's @fernando_zuluaga suggestions, you need to change in all the XAML mentioned and also the one which you will be using datarow variable

And also while changing don’t simply change in the import arguments in the invoke Workflow activity, you should open the XAML, change the type and save the workflow
Now go to the appropriate Invoke workflow and click on import arguments and assign the appropriate variable to it


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