Error when capturing in Chrome


Check this :point_down:

This shows you that you can’t use extensions on your chrome because of your company, what i suggest that you contact your IT departement to allow you to install your extensions. Or just use an other browser.


@mz3bel below is the browser that i use in the machine where it works perfectly fine

and the task manager below shows in the same machine native messaging host is also working.


You mean that you have installed UiPath extension and you can’t use it? Are you using Incognito mode ? If so you have to enable it before using it.

But if it works fine on one computer and the other not, are they from the same company?


@mz3bel - no i am not using it in incognito mode and it used to work fine on the computer where it does not work now and i am wondering why. yes it is in the same company but two different server segments.


Ok, unistall your chrome, restart your computer, download chrome, install it as administrator, install uipath extension and try again.

Note, that once your restart your computer you company policies will apply again. But once your extension is installed you can use normaly.

Note, you might need admin privileges.

Let me know if this works for you.

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Hi All,

thanks for your support, the issue has been resolved.

it was that the ComSpec environment variable was missing, if you encounter something like this please refer below.


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