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Hello I am having an issue because I need to type words and then in the middle of the text skip two lines and then type more words with variables in them. The issue I am having is that the div that I am typing into changes so I can’t use a hotkey activity and then a type into activity. How can I hold down shift and enter in the type this activity?

What do you mean it changes? Sure you can use a hotkey and type into. Why would you hold down shift?

Anyway, you could try putting VbCrLf into your string where you want the empty lines.

And you can’t be typing into a DIV. DIVs aren’t input elements. You need to drill into the HTML structure and find the actual input element that’s there, and make that the selector element not the DIV.

when ever I put new information in it change the name of the input element so uipath is having problems finding it cause I use variables

VbCrLf didn’t work? I just pasted it into the advanced edit is that correct?

So don’t use name in the selector. Use properties that don’t change.

im sorry Im new how would I find those?

VbCrLf is a constant that you use like a variable. So you’d do…

“This is the first line” + VbCrLf + VbCrLf + VbCrLf + “This is the fourth line”

But I don’t know for sure if Type Into will do VbCrLf properly.

You should do the free training on the UiPath Academy web site. It teaches you all about these things. Selectors are one of the most important things in UiPath. Every UI Element has many different properties. Open UI Explorer, click Indicate, and click the UI Element. It’ll show you all the properties.

Again, though, do the free training. It’s worth the time.

thanks alot

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