Error - This folder doesn't exist - Developer Foundation Training

I’m doing the developer foundation training i followed all steps of the video “build your first process part one”,

ive tried with inbox ive also created a folder “Training” and it doesnt work

Help please !


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Can you share the screenshot of the error and workflow

Hello thanks for the reply
happy to join the community :slight_smile:


Do you have the folder in the Outlook mail?


yes of course

Give Your Mail id \ your folder name and try @MOUNIA_S


It says that the folder is not found,
Can u just check if more than 1 email id is configured in Outlook? if yes, give the account as the concerned account so that it could identify the folder in that account

Also if that folder is not present in the specific account create a folder manually


Hello thansk for the reply
i have only one email configured in outlook
i have created a folder manually that i called “Training” and it doesnt work :frowning:

yes i tried but unfortunatelly i still have the same error message :frowning:

can you show me outlook folders screen shot again

thanks for the reply

So please check in “Favoris” other two folders are accessible or not

Please close outlook and then run the process.

yes they are accessible

i closed outlook several times and run the process

It should be accessible, one more thing please validate rules for folder or make new one and run process on it.

what do you mean by validate rule for folder please?

Check who is signed in Studio.


In Outlook, check if, in the folder, the signed user in Studio is having permission to read.

The name of the folder is here:

Check the filter as I think is incorrect.

Every Folder has own rules which is set by User, It can be restricted

Hi thanks for the reply

  1. The user signed in studio must be the same in outlook ?

  2. Ok i followed all your steps and add the user signed in studio to outlook properties

  3. I dont think the filter is wrong