Error retrieving Asset (Credential) in Orchestrator but works fine in Studio

I have added an Asset (Credential) to Orchestrator and I have built a process that retrieves the credentials and on uses them to login to an application. I can successfully run the process in Studio without any issues. When I publish the process to Orchestrator it reports the following error.

Folder does not exist or the user does not have access to the folder. Error code: 1100; Asset name: ABBYY-Tumbleweed

When I edit the process in Orchestrator and go to the second screen “Package Requirements” it identifies that I am referencing an Asset and the Folder Path and Name are an exact match and the Status shows Available with a green dot. The issue arises when the process is run and the error occurs with the Get Credential activity is run. This runs perfectly fine in Studio.

I have other processes that also use other credentials and they run without an issues.


You have published the code in to the shared folder in the Orchestrator and you created the assets in tenant or vice versa. I think this was effecting your program error in getting the assets from Orchestrator.

Hope it helps!!


  1. Check the folder existence: Ensure that the folder mentioned in the error message actually exists in Orchestrator. If it doesn’t, you need to create the folder and configure the necessary permissions.
  2. Verify user access: Confirm that the user running the process in Orchestrator has the required permissions to access the folder and the asset. Ensure that the user has the necessary roles and permissions assigned in Orchestrator.
  3. Confirm asset availability: Double-check that the asset named “ABBYY-Tumbleweed” is correctly configured and available in the Orchestrator asset store. Make sure the asset is added to the correct folder and that its name is spelled correctly.
  4. Check asset scope: Ensure that the asset scope is correctly configured. If the asset is intended to be used by multiple processes or robots, it should have a global or folder scope. If it’s meant to be used by a specific process or robot, the scope should be set accordingly.
  5. Republish the process: Try republishing the process to Orchestrator. Sometimes, there could be synchronization issues between Studio and Orchestrator that can be resolved by republishing.
  6. Restart Orchestrator services: If the issue persists, try restarting the Orchestrator services to ensure any temporary glitches are resolves.

I hope it helps!!

Had issues uploading images. First image is the Get Credential Activity where the Credential Name is “ABBYY-Tumbleweed”. Second image is the properties window showing the OrchestratorFolderPath folder being “CSS”. The third image shows that I’m connected to the “CSS” folder in Studio.

And the process runs perfectly fine in Studio.

The fourth image shows the Orchestrator Asset name being “ABBYY-Tumbleweed” and the highlighted folder is CSS. And the last image shows the Asset being available in Orchestrator and the folder path being CSS.

This is the first time I have encountered this issue and use other credentials in Unattended processes.

Image 1 - Activity

Image 2 - Activity Properties

Image 3 - Connected Folder

Image 4 - Asset Name


While creating an Asset have you given the type as credential and stored the asset.
Make sure you have given correct Username and Password in your Asset.

Hope it helps!!

Is the robot being run in same folder?

If not then does that have access to CSS folder or not?


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