Issue in non-production environment connecting to shared folder for credential

Hello, I am currently having an issue both in my non-production orchestrator and on my studio when connected to the process’s folder where my process is unable to find a credential stored in a shared folder. this is the error message:

Get Credential: Could not find an asset with this name. Error code: 1002

This image is of the get credential activity, both the input and orchestrator folder path have been validated to be pointing to the right credential name and location.

When ran locally and connected to either the shared folder or my personal workspace, the process works as intended. However, when ran in orchestrator or in the folder where the process is stored, it does not work correctly. any help would be appreciated


is the process deployed in the same folder you created those assets?

The process is not deployed in the same folder, but we have multiple processes that call that same folder while being housed in other folders with no issue. it is a shared drive for the majority of our bots.

You are using a classic folder?

The FolderPath parameter does not work for processes executed by robots in classic folders. Only robots in modern folders have the ability to pass data outside of their folder.


MY organization uses modern folders, but thank you for the idea to check into.