Error Outlook has stopped working

I’m having issues when outlook or any other program stops abruptly. This happens rarely but is affecting my automation.
Does anybody knows how can I get rid of this windows message without using a selector?


The only other option would be Click Image, but why don’t you want to use a selector? It’s the best way.

you can also instead of Outlook use another mail activities which don’t need Outlook installation like ‘smtp’ or ‘imap’.

Since this is a random issue it has been difficult to get the selector.

I cannot use it since I’m using outlook to open a .msg file.

Did you try kill outlook process using ‘kill process’ ?

Yes I tried. But it seems like that message was generated by Windows not outlook.


Suggestion from my end instead of work around you could repair your outlook so that permanently you can resolve this issue. Thanks.

Please refer the below link will help you to troubleshoot the issue.

This is frequently an obstacle when writing automations, sometimes it’s hard to force a certain result so you can code for it. That’s just what you’ll have to do, wait until you see it again and get the selectors you need.

Next time when you get this error, try to get the selector or if it isn’t possible try get a list of all processes (after this exception). Maybe you find which one is it and you kill him :wink: