Error on REST API : "Permission missing: Works when locked"

Hi !

I am a new user to UIPath, but I can’t find any help on this error on documentation.

I successfully started UIPath Robot REST Api and I get “true” with the “isAlive” endpoint. Starting a job works, I also get a Job Id.

But when I try to get this job status, I get the following error:

Executor start process failed, reason Permission missing: Works when locked

On my linux terminal, the entire message is this:

"{\"ExecutionStatus\":5,\"CompletedResult\":\"{\\\"State\\\":3,\\\"Error\\\":{\\\"ClassName\\\":\\\"System.Exception\\\",\\\"Message\\\":\\\"Executor start process failed, reason Permission missing: Works when locked\\\",\\\"Data\\\":null,\\\"InnerException\\\":null,\\\"HelpURL\\\":null,\\\"StackTraceString\\\":null,\\\"RemoteStackTraceString\\\":null,\\\"RemoteStackIndex\\\":0,\\\"ExceptionMethod\\\":null,\\\"HResult\\\":-2146233088,\\\"Source\\\":null,\\\"WatsonBuckets\\\":null},\\\"Output\\\":null,\\\"Token\\\":\\\"1dd03ec7-2607-4a9e-8844-e378aef87326\\\",\\\"WorkflowFile\\\":\\\"C:\\\\\\\\Users\\\\\\\\Administrator\\\\\\\\Documents\\\\\\\\UiPath\\\\\\\\myProject\\\\\\\\Main.xaml\\\",\\\"ProcessName\\\":null,\\\"FaultedActivityId\\\":null,\\\"FaultedWorkflowFile\\\":null}\",\"ExecutionPoint\":null,\"ExecutingRobotId\":\"5760e734-c6d3-44d7-9510-799406963a81\",\"AdditionalInfo\":\"Executor start process failed, reason Permission missing: Works when locked\"}"

This is quite difficult to read. Do you have a clue what I did wrong here ?


This seems to be a licensing issue. Can you let me know your device id, from the help pane of UiPath Studio?

And also a snippet of your request would be helpful as well :slight_smile:


I’m running UiPath Studio for free with community edition:

Device Id: 7kEez/wpnBwVuuPWoAIP

The request I used with curl on a GNU/Linux terminal:

# Start process
curl \
    --silent \
    -X POST \
    --data '{
      "WorkflowFile": "C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Documents\\UiPath\\myProject\\Main.xaml",
      "User": "Administrator",
      "Password": "secr3tPassword",
      "InputArguments": { "Button": "2" },
    }' \

# Get information
curl \
    --silent \
    -H "Content-type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" \
    -X GET \

I got the same error on a windows terminal, do you want me to send you powershell commands and output as well ?

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