Error not solving

Hi All,

I am getting one error again and again on the file is not available on this path. When i am entering the error on run then its opening the file but through bot its not taking.

“:C:\Users\cholamsuab8\Documents\UiPath\OEN\OEN Process\ProcessFolder\Input\2022\Nov\30\MLBL\Portal File\Portal File.csv”

This file is available but its again and again showing not available.

Can someone please urgently advise where i am going wrong. The values of arguments are correct.


@taruna.mehra can you access this file from the run window
try windows+r → enter the same path
If it is access from there then it should be accessible from the uipath too

Hi @taruna.mehra

Is thw colon at the start before c is a typo here or you gave it like that?

I dont think its needed


Tried, its opening the file but bot is unable to find this file.

C:\Users\cholamsuab8\Documents\UiPath\OEM\OEM Process\ProcessFolder\Input\2022\Nov\30\MIBL\Portal File\Portal_File.csv

This is the error.


So colon solved or your are still getting it?

If yes can you share the error and which activity is throwing it

Alternately try printing it in log message and check if its correct or if there are any special characters


Hi Anil,

The file path is correct when am checking in log. Its coming when am checking in Path exists activity. There i have passed the arguments directory.getfiles(Argument)(0) so that it should read 1st file in this folder.


Is this what you have given?

Directory.Getfiles(“C:\Users\cholamsuab8\Documents\UiPath\OEM\OEM Process\ProcessFolder\Input\2022\Nov\30\MIBL\Portal File”) and it dint work?

And is that location locked or need admin previleges to open?


put the file on the desktop and test once.

didnt work

@taruna.mehra I have created a similar structure and it is working fine for me
can u share the xaml ( with sample data file)

The issue is resolved, Thanks.

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