Ui Path Studio Problem

Hi Guys,

Its very urgent.Need to deploy my Bot.

But suddenly when i use the ocr activity its getting the error like
broker process path not found:C:\Users\xxxx.nuget\packages\uipath.vision\1.2.0\build\UiPath.Vision.Host32.exe

Please advice on this

@loginerror @KarthikByggari @ovi

Hi Guys,

Someone please help on this.


Have you installed all supporting packages for OCR??


Yes, i installed all the packages for OCR but when i analysed am using CE before 4 days UiPath latest version as installed 18.4.1 automatically in that i could not see the Studio exe file itself

Any help @Divyashreem

Oh yeah, we did face this issue as well… Are you able to open uipath studio??


Correct i also couldn’t open the UiPath Studio itself.
So, manually am going into the older version and launching the old version of UiPath Studio exe file.

What is the solution for this? @Divyashreem

Hi @arunshiva

I would suggest a simple reinstall of the Studio CE 18.4.1. This should fix any corruption that might have happened to the installation.
Do not forget to restart your machine at the end to make sure all services are properly running.

Thank You @loginerror

Hi @loginerror before uninstalling the UiPath may i need to remove any folders from my machine realted to UiPath?

Normally no, Studio CE resets the settings upon new installation.
If you find yourself having difficulty with some packages, you can try clearing this folder:

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