Error message: Could not open

I keep receiving this error after I run an automation. I have tried everything to fix it and it still comes up. Please help! THanks

Hi @Jason_Lee1

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Try reinstalling UiPath and give a try


This error occurs when file is open. Please make sure when you running close this file.

I tried reinstalling. Didn’t work. Thanks for replying though.

Which file are you referring to? The one listed in the error? If so, I am not even sure what that is. I have tried accessing it and it will not let me.

Are you accessing this file or not coz as per error message bot trying read or access this file and your file is already open. So you can check this file at this location is open or closed and then retry.

Hi Jason,

This one is a classic error. The error itself suggests the root cause.
Check for any open instance in task manager, kill that instance if required