Required option in Uipath form Grid

Hi All,

I am working on UiPath forms where I have used data grid. On that data grid one field is set as required*.

Whenever that field remains empty and we are trying to click on any button, It is showing error below each and every button as “Please check the form and correct all the errors before proceeding”.

Can anyone help with this please.


Hi @Happy_Coding,

When using a data grid in UiPath Forms, you can set a field as required using the “Required” property of the column. If a user tries to submit the form without entering a value in the required field, UiPath Forms will display an error message and prevent the form from being submitted.

To customize the error message that is displayed when a required field is not filled in, you can set the “ErrorMessage” property of the column to a custom message. For example, you can set the error message to “This field is required” to make it more clear to the user what they need to do to correct the error.

To add the custom error message to the data grid, follow these steps:

  1. Select the column in the data grid that you want to make required.
  2. In the Properties pane on the right-hand side of the screen, expand the “Column” section.
  3. Set the “Required” property to “True”.
  4. Set the “ErrorMessage” property to your custom error message.

Once you have set the custom error message, UiPath Forms will display this message instead of the default error message when the user tries to submit the form without filling in the required field. This should help make it clearer to the user what they need to do to correct the error.


Thanks for your response.

How can we get the property panel after selecting the column in the data grid ?
Because after opening the form designer we can select columns in the grid.

Not sure where will I get “SetErrorMessage” option.