Errors in UiPath Studio

Hi Team,
I have procured a license of UiPath Studio recently for my office work. However after getting it installed, when I am trying to do some automation of few office applications for practise, it is throwing me various errors.I have consulted with several developers however did not receive any resolution.

When I am using the activities like Type Into or Attach Window etc., I am unable to use the “Indicate on Screen” function as it is behaving weird. I also consulted with my trainer and other developers and they suggested me to raise it to you guys. At times everything is working fine and then again it is throwing me these sort of errors. I feel that the firewall of my company or something like that is not allowing the selectors to be constant.

Hence kindly have a look into the errors and suggest me if there are any changes i need to do in my office firewall and anything else. Looking forward for a quick response as I have live projects stuck.


Kaustav Chakraborty.

I think you need show step in Uipath.

Hey there,
Could you please give us following detail:

  • UiPath Studio version
  • OS
  • .net framework

PS: make sure it meets hardware and software requirement.

1.Check your chrome browser in Up to date state, not in progress of latest version update state and require your action to restart chrome.
2.This issue can also occur if the extension is broken, try remove the chrome UiPath extension and try again.


UiPath Studio Version - 2017.1.6522
OS Name - Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
OS Version - 6.1.7601 SP1 Build 7601
.Net Framework - 4.6.2


I have updated my Chrome and IE and have also reinstate the extension of UiPath.

However it still gives the same error. If I hit Run, out of 10 times it works okay and the rest of the 8 time it fails and give the errors.

So Now what?

ok try to install these below update .
Windows 7 update KB2533623
Window 7 N update KB968211