Hello there,
How to log the line that gives an error when the process crashes.

can you explain please?

When the robot makes an error, let it write the line it made an error.

example: When I clicked on line 5, it couldn’t find a place. (page could not be opened or opened late, closed)

What I want is this;

logs: There is an error on line 5.

After clicking you can check for element exist and then write log

Hi @d.ulutas

Put the click in to the try catch block and in the exception, where robot goes if its error just put the log message with String.Format(“There is an error on the line {0}”, lineNumberVariable) and it should work :slight_smile: .

Can you send xml please?

Do you have an input excel?

Hi @d.ulutas ,

See my screenshots

Set try catch around the Click activity.

Set an exception as new catch.

Set a log message with this properties.

And this is how it should look and work :slight_smile:

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